Hero gardens

Providing a clean-green horticulture service alternative for all gardens.


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our focus

Hero Gardens aims to develop and maintain the health of your garden by applying our horticulture knowledge to our maintenance methods and techniques. We also take pride on our ‘green thumb’ and bring our passion and love to each job we take on. Our greatest joy comes from taking on new jobs and bringing the gardens slowly back to full health.


Our high quality service and attention to detail is evident in our consistent results. We are also committed to using battery powered equipment instead of fossil fuelled powered tools whilst also only working with natural and organic alternatives to synthetic and harmful herbicide and pesticide products. In doing so, we are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce noise and air pollution and create a quieter and healthier environment for us all to enjoy.

Hero Gardens are proud of their growing list of clients and takes pride in each client and garden equally. We care for:

  • Srata controlled gardens

  • Large properties and commercial gardens

  • Small & domestic gardens

  • Restaurants, Cafes & Hotels

Hero Gardens provides the following services:

  • Hedging and pruning

  • Pest detection/prevention and treatment

  • Lawn care

  • Fertilising and Mulching

  • Garden design

  • Consultancy

  • General gardening

  • Irrigation and repairs

  • STRATA property maintenance


 equipment and products




The Pellenc group has based its development on a continuous innovation policy, whose strategies have led them to 340 patents and resulted in numerous awards, demonstrating the excellence of Pellenc tools.


Eco Organic Garden

Hero Gardens prefers the range of products from Eco Organic Garden. They provide a chemical free range of fertilisers, stimulants, soil improvers, insecticides, fungicides and weedkill, made from natural sources and designed to keep your garden healthy.


Troy Bray

We are proudly supported by Electroprune, Australia's leading Electromechanical pruning sales and repair specialist. With the help of Troy from Electroprune, we at Hero Gardens will always bring our best and quietest tools to the job.